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What We Build
Traditional Homes Our Traditional Homes collection includes plans that are 2500-3000 square feet, with three to four bedrooms, and in the $400,000-$600,000 price range. Call us for more information so we can match the plan that fits your needs.
Estate Homes Our Estate Homes collection includes plans that are over 4000 square feet, four+ bedrooms, and in the $700,000 and above price range. Call for more information.
Rustic Homes Our Rustic Homes are designed and built with elements and features that fit into nature, compliment the landscaping and built in rural, wooded or lake settings. The natural elements include exposed beams, treated timbers, slate, natural stone, and natural surfaces. The floor plan size can range from a cabin to a mansion.
Trade-in Program

We'll help make your move to a brand new home as easy as possible by taking your current home in trade. Trading in your current home can eliminate the hassles and expense of showings, contract negotiations, and advertising. Avoid moving twice by closing on the trade of your current home the same day you close on the purchase of your new Gatewood Arnold home.

Contact us about buying your existing home so you can purchase a new Gatewood Arnold Home.  Tell us about the property you want to trade-in and the home you want to build by filling out the following form or calling our office.

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