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How We Build
Designing a Custom Home

We understand building  a new home can  be  a  complex  time  for  homeowners;  therefore,  we  strive  to  make  the  process  enjoyable  and  comfortable.  We accomplish this by going over an extensive option list with our clients to determine their needs in a new home, the style of home they desire, and their budget.  Before we develop the floorplan, we believe it is important to visit the building site to see the particulars of the land. We record the topography to determine if a walkout basement is feasible, how water will drain away from the future home, and the elevation of the building pad in regards to fixed landmarks.  We look at the current vegetation to determine what needs to be removed and what we can save.  We look at sun orientation to consider the effect afternoon sun will have on decks, patios, and porches to be built. We also consider special views such as open fields, hills, woods, and creeks for placement of future windows and outdoor spaces. Lastly, water, electric, and sewer tap-on locations and future connections to the house are all considered.  All of these factors will determine the design of the home and the best placement for the home.

Often, we have a house plan in our repertoire that we can customize to meet both our client’s needs and the particulars each home site presents.  However, we are capable of designing and building a custom home that is very unique that blends features of several different house plans.  All of our house plans are professionally drawn with Auto CAD so changes can be made easily and efficiently. Once we have a working floorplan, we have you meet with several of our vendors to make selections for your home.  These selections determine the allowances to be implemented for creating a total price to build the home.

Our Building Process

Once construction begins, we give our clients a list of selections to be completed on the Decorator Sheet and a timeline for making the selections.  All of the selections are grouped into four phases with each group of selections occurring in a timely manor prior to construction.  The selections are spaced apart for relaxed decision making. 

We schedule walkthroughs with our clients during several key stages of the home construction.  The first walkthrough occurs once the house is framed, insulated, and ready for drywall to commence.  We want to ensure our clients the home is being built properly and to their specifications.  Our next walkthrough occurs seven days prior to final completion to determine items in need of repair.  Our last walkthrough occurs the day of closing the home to verify all of the items in need of repair from the prior walkthrough have been completed.

At the final walkthrough we have a Home Orientation Program where we go over helpful information such  as the main water shut-off, electric GFI locations, how to clean products such as hardwood floors, how to maintain your home into the future, and emergency contacts for plumbing, HVAC, and more.  All of the information presented at the Home Orientation is written down in a three ring binder plus all of the manufacturer warranties are included in the binder as well.  We offer a 45 day Maintenance Service to repair any warranty items, and again at the end of one year.

Awards & Recognition
2007 HBAL Grand Tour of Homes: The Ivan II Floor Plan
  • 1st Place: Best Owner's Suite
  • 2nd Place: Best Floor Plan, Best Interior Features
  • 3rd Place: Best Kitchen, Best Exterior

2007 HBAL Showcase of Luxury Homes: The Allison II Floor Plan

  • 3rd Place: Outstanding Project Award

2007 HBAL Sales & Marketing Council

  • Best Exterior Architectural Design, Over 6,000 sq.ft.

2004 HBAL Grand Tour of Homes: The Ivan Floor Plan

  • 1st Place: Best Suite, Best Floor Plan, Best Site Presentation; Best Overall Design
  • 2nd Place: Best Merchandising
  • 3rd Place: Best Kitchen Design

2003 HBAL Grand Tour of Homes: The Ivan Floor Plan

  • 1st Place: Best Suite, Best Floor Plan, Best Merchandising, Best Overall Design
  • 2nd Place: Best Exterior, Best Kitchen, Best Site Presentation